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Find Your Tribe in N21

Find Your Mum Tribe, N21

For over 18 months now, I have been lucky enough to join up with some really fabulous local mums in N21 who have joined together to run free weekly coffee mornings in Winchmore Hill, N21 for mums of prewalking babies. It's a completely free group, held in coffee shops and pubs around Winchmore Hill.

There is no agenda, no fee, no weekly commitment needed. It's simply a space to come along and hopefully meet some new mum friends in and around Enfield and Winchmore Hill.

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Why did we start our baby group in N21?

The women that run our fabulous little group, myself included, all had our babies precovid. In times when there were baby groups aplenty. I even had a timetable with a baby group for each morning and afternoon and once I went to three groups in a day!

I LOVED my maternity leave and the other mums, dads and grandmas who I met in my early days of parenthood were such a support to me then and even nowadays, now that my son is 8 (how the hell did that happen?!), I am still in touch with some of them. They have become proper friends. My mum friends.

baby group winchmore hill n21

At some point after covid hit, (does anyone else split time into BC - before Covid, and AC - after?!) I was chatting to my cousin who had her first baby in the deepest darkest days of covid. Her baby groups and methods of meeting her mum friends involved sitting in designated spots, bringing her own equipment to rhyme time and facemasks. It made me feel so sad for her that she had missed out.

Of course, the baby groups and meet ups have come back now (with force I have noticed recently). But the costs are quite something £10 here, £15 there and throw in a baby brunch for £40. The expense for these new mums, who are desperately trying to find their own mum friends must really add up fast. So that's why our group is free. Mums can afford to come each week.


What happens at a meet up at Find Your Tribe N21

There will be one or more (!) of us hosts. We are there to meet you and your baby, we will sit and chat and be a friendly face to welcome you and introduce you to the other mums. You can then buy your drink of choice, and sit, chat and relax with other mums, dads and carers who have babies that are a similar age or stage to you.

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Everyone who comes, wants to make friends. No one is going to be mean or judge you, everyone is there for exactly the same reason as you. To find a mum chum; someone who you can share your highs and lows with; someone who will be riveted by your birth story and the finer details of your sleepless nights!

Who are the hosts at the coffee mornings in Winchmore Hill?

We are all local mums in N21 and everyone, apart from yours truly, is a professional in the baby arena.

In no particular order we have:

Amy rudd baby massage n21

Amy who has two boys and runs a baby massage class near Winchmore Hill. She runs her baby massage sessions in her own 'oxytocin bubble' home. You can find out more information about her and book onto her classes by clicking here.


tutum birthing antinatal care winchmore hill n21

Claire has two girls and runs her business, Tutum Birthing from Winchmore Hill, N21. She is a Hypnobirthing Instructor, Birth Trauma Therapist, Doula and Breastfeeding Consultant. Find out more about Claire and the services that she offers to new and second time parents by clicking here. 


chiropractor n21

Hemi is a chiropractor who runs a very successful chiropractic clinic in Winchmore Hill, N21 (as an aside, Hemi and her colleagues have worked wonders on my husband's sciatica!). She specialises in Chiropractic Care for children and for pregnant women. Find out more about Hemi and The Enfield Chriopractic Clinic by clicking here.


post natal massage winchmore hill n21

Lorna is a local mum of two who lives in Palmers Green. She is a wonderful massage therapist who specialises in sports and remedial massage alongside pregnancy and post natal massage from her gorgeous garden massage studio. You can find out more about Lorna by clicking here.



newborn photographer winchmore hill n21

Natalie is a local mum of 2, she's a PTA guru and is also a brilliantly talented newborn and family photographer. She loves taking natural photographs, which capture the true essence of the families and babies that she photographs. You can see her work and find out more about Natalie here.


gift shop enfield

And then there's me! I'm Melanie! I'm a mum of one living in Winchmore Hill, N21. In what seems like a previous life, I used to be a teacher (primary) and now I run an eco conscious yet luxury gift shop where I get to look at, smell and play with beautiful things all day! Everything from my shop (Tangled Roots) is low plastic and from small British businesses.  


When and where do we meet?

We meet every Thursday morning between 10:30-12. Take a look at our instagram page for more information on who is hosting and where we will be meeting!

new mum friends winchmore hill enfield n21 

If you have a baby or look after one and are looking for a baby group in Winchmore Hill, do come along and meet us! We all love a birth story, we can hold your baby while you use both hands and we cannot wait to meet you and your baby soon!

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