How to Use Scented Candles in your Home -

How to Use Scented Candles in your Home

Scented candles are a popular gift for women at Tangled Roots
Scented candles have always been a popular gift and this has increased over the past few years, particularly as we are now spending more time at home. Scented candles are a chic element of home décor and even when unlit they can add to the general ambiance of a space. Placed on coffee tables with flowers or in a lantern or terrarium, they can inject interest and texture to your room’s décor.
Scented candles are a popular gift for women at Tangled Roots

Scented Candles in the Kitchen

There’s nothing worse than smelling last night’s dinner when you’re sitting down for breakfast in the morning.  What was, the night before, a deliciously spiced and fried to perfection meal doesn’t smell so good the next morning as you’re tucking into your fresh croissants and orange juice. 
If your kitchen could do with a little freshen-up, a scented candle or wax melt in the kitchen could be the answer!  Be careful with the fragrance though, anything too potent and it could lead to headaches and a nauseating medley of strong smells. 

Avoid overly floral or sweet scents and go for more herbal options.  An essential oil wax melt is perfect in the kitchen or dining room with their more subtle fragrance that will not overpower but will gently lift the aroma in the room. Lemongrass and Geranium is a perfect scent for the kitchen or dining room as is a more tomato leaf-based scent, which is a really fresh smell.

Candles can be placed in the kitchen

Scented Candles in the Living Room

The scent that you choose really depends on the mood that you would like to set for the living room.  Having a fresh floral scent is gorgeous in the Spring and Summer and you may choose a more woody fragrance for the autumnal months where cosiness is key. 
In spring or summer, the Peony Blush scented candle is beautiful for the living room or even a hallway, ready to welcome you and your guests into your home. It emits a gentle fragrance even before lighting and soon fills the space with beautiful early summery scents.
For the Autumn and Winter, the Black Fig and Vetiver candle is my top choice! 

Scented Candles in the Bathroom

Light and refreshing scents are ideal in the bathroom, so try to find a scent that is not too overpowering or floral. Sage and Sea Salt is a gorgeous scent, as is any clean 'linen' type fragrance, which tend to be irresistibly comforting.

Scented Candles for the Bedroom

An aromatherapy candle with essential oils is perfect to use in the bedroom. They tend to have a more gentle scent throw, which is perfect for the bedroom where overpowering smells can lead to headaches and can affect your sleep.


Whether you prefer a more traditional lavender scent such as that in the Unwind Candle or the gentle romantic scent of rose geranium in the Bloom Candle, it is down to your own personal preference.

Scented candle for the bedroom at Tangled Roots
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