About Us

Melanie at Tangled Roots Sustainable Luxury Gifts for Women

I'm Melanie and I am the face behind Tangled Roots!  I have always loved searching for gifts for my friends and when a friend -  another Melanie in fact, said that I should set up a gift box business the idea grew and grew!

The name Tangled Roots comes from a quote about friendship, 'Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side. Our roots will always be tangled. I am glad for that.' (Ally Condie).

I have struggled, in my own quest to find gifts for friends, that are both luxurious and sustainable so I decided to set up my own business that aims to be just that – sustainable and luxurious.  I cannot claim to be a completely plastic free business, but the very few gifts that we stock that come with plastic packaging, it is recyclable.  This is hugely important to me. 

Our products are plastic free and many are organic too. The gift boxes themselves are unlaminated, and although the idea is to reuse or repurpose the boxes, the fact that they are not coated in plastic, means that they can be popped straight into the paper/card recycling bin.  Unlike normal satin ribbon that is filled with plastic, the ribbon that we use is made from wood pulp, which means that it too can be composted.  Our stickers are biodegradable and made with water based adhesives too.

The act of gift giving is an ancient tradition and has been traced back to the beginning of human civilisation. It can even be seen in the animal world, where male chimpanzees have been seen giving gifts to attract a female and some believe that the decapitated mice that our feline friends bring into the kitchen are also an example of 'gift giving'.  Thanks for that, Felix! There are various reasons that we, and presumably our animal friends too, give gifts.  The most common reason being to build and cement our social relationships.

So let me help you to do just that, build and cement your relationships with those that you love!  Celebrate their successes and joyous occasions and commiserate them in times of trouble with a Tangled Roots gift box!