Tangled Roots FAQ

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Who are the gifts for?

The gifts that are sold here at Tangled Roots are for anyone who appreciates good quality products that are sustainable and ethically sourced. The gifts are targeted predominantly towards women but there are plenty of men who also enjoy and appreciate beautiful bath salts, sumptuous skin oils and luxurious hand creams, so gifts can be created for both men and women.


Why would I buy from you rather than a local gift shop?

For convenience. Being online, Tangled Roots is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and gifts and sustainable self-care products are available to be ordered at any time of day from the comfort of your sofa (or anywhere else you happen to be). Similarly to a local gift shop, all products are sourced from other independent British businesses and are all ethically sourced and low in plastic – unlike other larger and high street shops.  


Do you just sell gifts?

No. All of the products at Tangled Roots would be gorgeous to receive as presents but that's not to say that they all need to be given as gifts. Why not treat yourself? Most of our gift sets come with an optional gift box and the products can just be posted on their own without any gift packaging if you are ordering them for yourself.


Do you cater for different price ranges?

Yes. We have a range of gifts from under £10 (including postage) up to £100.


How does it work? How do I order?

Browse our selection of gorgeous, low plastic products and choose which things you would like. Choose from a selection of curated gift sets, which all include free standard UK P&P or opt to select your own gifts, with or without a gift box. If you are sending the products to someone else, complete a gift message on the cart page, which will be handwritten on a postcard and included with your gift. We never include any payment information with your products so they are perfect to send straight to the recipient.



What are the ingredients?

Please see each product page for individual product ingredients.


Are your products vegan?

We have a good selection of vegan-friendly products. Here is our collection of gifts for vegans.


Do you have a nut-free collection of gifts?

We certainly do! Here is our collection of gifts for people with nut allergies. Please be aware that we have included products with coconut oil and shea butter in them as most people with nut allergies are not affected by these ingredients but please check the ingredients carefully if you are buying for someone with an allergy.


Are the products eco-friendly?

All products at Tangled Roots are low plastic – in today’s world it can be very difficult to be plastic free so there are some elements of plastic in our products but hopefully, you will see that none of the plastic elements are single-use and all are minimal. Please see our Eco-friendly policy here.

 Currently, the items that contain plastic are

*Nathalie Bond Room and Pillow Spray – it has a plastic cap and atomiser
*Bamboo socks – 16% polyester, 6%nylon, 2%elastane
*Nine Designs Hairbands – inner headband
*Sixton London make-up bags and jewellery wraps – made with recycled polyester
*Lisa Angel travel jewellery cases – polyester and vegan leather PU.
*Kew Gardens hand cream – plastic cap


Are they mass-produced or made by small local businesses in the UK?

Most of the products are handmade in the UK, such as Dook, Ivy and Co., Nathalie Bond, Narloa, Salt + Steam, Love Cocoa, Nine Designs, Little Nell, Trend Tonic and Little Booth.

 A few products that we stock are from independent British brands that have their products manufactured elsewhere in the world. These manufacturers are all assessed to have a high standard of labour principles for ethical business behaviour; fair remuneration, no discrimination, no child labour, decent working hours and occupational health & safety.


Are they palm oil free?

Yes. All of the products that we stock at Tangled Roots are palm oil free.


Are they ethically made?

Yes. Most products are handmade within the UK and those that are made in other parts of the world are all made by manufacturers that are assessed to have high ethical standards.


Are they sustainable?

All products are low plastic, including their packaging and are made from natural or recycled materials.

We are also really proud to sponsor a tree being planted for each order that we receive.  So far Tangled Roots has funded trees in Madagascar, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique. You can see the trees that we have funded here.



Can I add a gift note to my order?

Absolutely! Just complete the gift message on the cart page, which will then be handwritten on a postcard and included with your gift.


Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Yes. Our gift boxes are all unlaminated, which means that they do not have a layer of plastic covering them (like many gift boxes on the market). They are filled with either black kraft paper, which is reusable, recycled, recyclable and biodegradable or untreated FSC certified wood wool, which is biodegradable and home or council compostable. Our ribbon is acetate, which means that it is made from wood pulp and is completely biodegradable, unlike satin ribbon that is made from plastic. Our stickers and packing tape are made from FSC certified paper and have a water based adhesive and our postal boxes are also made from FSC certified, recycled cardboard. For further information, please see our eco-friendly policy here.


Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes. Please select the gift wrap option for each item that you would like wrapped. If you select a gift box (either a curated one or as part of a design your own gift), please note that the items will not be individually wrapped.




Do you ship to other countries?

We do not currently ship to other countries as standard but if you would like something shipped to another country please contact Melanie at tangledrootsgifts@gmail.com for more information.


How much is shipping?

Shipping on curated gift boxes and sets is free but there is an additional postage cost to design your own gifts of either £4 or £2.50 depending on the size and weight of your parcel. Please see our shipping policy here.


Can I send it directly to a friend?

Absolutely. No payment information is included with any product sent out. Just don’t forget to include a gift note telling them who has sent their gift!



Can I return it easily if I need to?

Yes. If there’s a problem with your order, just let Melanie know (tangledrootsgifts@gmail.com) and we will help to organise the return/refund of your order. Please see our returns policy here.


What’s your return policy?

Please read our returns and refunds policy here.