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6 Personal and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Teachers this Summer in Enfield

6 personal and thoughtful gift ideas for teachers this summer in Enfield



It’s almost the end of the school year and many parents want to buy gifts for teachers to mark the occasion. It is a contentious issue whether you should or should not buy presents for teachers but as an ex teacher, I’m inclined to go down the route of the more presents the better!


Saying that, that always leads onto the age old question of what to buy for someone who you don’t really know.  So here are 8 ideas for gifts for teachers that will be sure to hit the spot!


  1. **Personalised Gifts**:

There are personalised gifts a plenty across the internet! I have seen bookmarks, reusable drinking vessels, lanyards, notebooks! You name it, you can stick a name on it and it will go down a treat. A local business that I can recommend is Togs by Emma, who can personalise just about anything!  One word of warning though – it’s best to keep personalisation to things that the teacher can use in school. Notebooks, mugs and pencil cases are ideal for this.


  1. **DIY Craft Gifts**:

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for these types of gifts for teachers and handmade gifts never fail to delight the recipient. Little cakes, chocolates or edibles are lovely (just don’t forget to add a note to say that no bogeys were included when tour little darling was helping!). I have also had a gorgeous homemade bookmark, which was a lovely teacher gift to receive.  These keyrings are also a fantastic idea and who doesn’t need more keyrings? 


  1. **Gift Cards**:

Gift cards are a popular choice – and for good reason! I would suggest asking your child’s teacher where they like to shop especially if you’re the class rep in charge of a collection. Otherwise vouchers for local (independent!) coffee shops are fantastic. If you’re close to Winchmore Hill, The Salisbury sell gift vouchers starting from as little as £1. You can buy your child’s teacher a drink here


  1. **Classroom Supplies**:

It’s a sad fact that so many of our schools are crying out for supplies and a box of Pritt Sticks are like actual treasure (particularly at this point in the school year) and a teacher will always be grateful for things that they can use in the classroom for their following year (unless they’re shipping out, that is…)


  1. **Relaxation and Self-Care Gifts**:

Luxurious handmade hand cream and posh soap is a real treat for most teachers! They also love a scented candle or something that can help them to relax and recuperate over the summer holidays. In Winchmore Hill, Tangled Roots has lots of gifts for teachers that are all low plastic and from small British businesses too. Another local shop that is full of goodies that are sure to delight is Deja Vu in Enfield!


  1. **Thank You Notes from Students and Parents**:

A card or note with a personal message is THE BEST! They will be treasured forever and mean so much to teachers who will have put their heart and soul into your child for a year. You can buy personalised calligraphy cards that are handmade by me here.

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