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What to buy for a new mum?

When your best friend tells you that she has had a baby, one of the first things you will think of, apart from ‘when can I meet him/her?’ is usually, ‘what can I get her? What can I take with me when I see my bestie as a mummy for the first time?’
As a new mum, she will be inundated with bouquets of flowers. If you do decide to go down this route, please can I urge you to buy her ones already in a vase! Ones that she can just plonk on the window sill or coffee table and NOT the ones that she will have to cut the stems and arrange in a vessel (that will probably all be used anyway – I remember when I had my son, we had to resort to a pint glass as we just didn’t have enough vases!).
Read on for some ideas of what to buy for new mums that they will actually want and use and not have to throw away after a week of looking pretty.
1 – As a new mum, initially, she is very likely to spend a lot of time in her pyjamas so buy her ones that she will feel sublimely comfortable in.  Their Nibs pyjamas are beautiful, come in a wide range of sizes and are ones that she definitely won’t feel embarrassed of when unexpected guests rock up, wanting to catch a glimpse of the precious newborn!
what to buy for a new mum
2 – You can NEVER have enough muslins as a new parent!  Perfect for mopping up any bodily fluids (the baby’s or hers…) of which there are loads of in those early days!  They are ideal to use as modesty covers in the early days of not wanting to expose oneself (the likelihood is that she won’t care in a couple of weeks but initially, it can feel somewhat odd breastfeeding in public).  Check out the beautiful gender neutral muslins that we stock here at Tangled Roots (either by themselves or in the Poppy new baby gift box).
3 – A teething necklace will come into it’s own after a few weeks!  They look brilliant and are a gorgeous way of accessorising a plain top and are an easy way of the new mum maintaining a sense of effortless style. Then within a few weeks, once the baby starts putting everything they can lay their hands on into their mouth, a teething necklace is a godsend to a new mum as it will save her more delicate jewellery from being yanked about! They are incredibly robust and are made from food grade silicone so they are safe for the baby to chew and suck as much as they like (with supervision, obviously). Read more about them here.
4 – It’s normal for a new baby to go through between 8-12 nappies a day.  That is a lot of nappies to go through and, I hate to mention, a hell of a lot of plastic that will end up in landfill. Did you know that it takes 500 years for a disposable nappy to break down? A grim thought.  This is a big ‘IF’ your bestie was wanting to try out reusable nappies (and that’s a BIG/HUGE ‘if’ as they do take some getting used to), a new one would be a gorgeous gift to receive as a new mum and they come in gorgeous patterns and colours.  Check out the gorgeous designs at Nipper Nappies here!
What to buy for a new mum - reusable nappies
5 – Food glorious food! As new parents it can be a real struggle to cook fresh, healthy meals.  So often I have heard new mums saying that their favourite gifts have been when someone has prepared a meal that can be heated up or frozen, which will mean that your bestie/her partner don’t need to.
What to buy for a new mum - new baby gift.  Cook a meal!
6 – I remember receiving some ‘baby perfume’ when my son was born. I was horrified! Why on earth would I do anything that would prevent me from smelling his delicious natural newborn smell? I just wouldn’t! Needless to say, it went straight in the bin!  Scent free toiletries are gorgeous to receive though – our gentle soap and balm are beautiful to use and will not overpower any (clean) natural smells, either for the mummy or the baby. 
7 – Nipple cream is wonderful stuff for new mums who have chosen to breastfeed.  In those early days, where both the baby and the mum are learning how to do it and haven’t yet sussed the latch out fully, breastfeeding can hurt. There are makes such as Lansinoh, that are good but if you wanted to give a more natural and vegan option, our gentle balm is incredibly soothing on chapped and sore nipples and is also safe to use when breastfeeding too.
What to buy for a new baby
8 – A beautiful journal is a wonderful gift to receive as a new mum and will become something that is looked at and referred to for years and may become something that can be passed on to the newborn when he/she becomes an adult. Our dot grid journals are beautiful and our five year memory journals are gorgeous too – they would be perfect for the mum to just write a quick sentence or few words to record all of the milestones and things that they do throughout the baby’s early years.
9 – Lip balms and water bottles!  Especially if the new mum is breastfeeding – it can be very thirsty work and it’s not always possible to get up and get a drink.  A reusable water bottle is a very useful gift to receive and a natural lip balm is a blessing as chapped lips are a common side effect that comes from using gas and air during labour.
What to buy for a new mum who is breastfeeding a new baby
10 – The cork may not be popped straight away, but a gorgeous bottle of something fizzy is a lovely way of congratulating her/them on the birth of their baby. And let’s face it, 40 weeks (ish) without a drop of booze, she may be desperate for a drop of the good stuff! An oldie, but a goodie! Take a look at Jonesy Wine for an independent wine boutique.
What to buy for a new baby
11 – Jewellery is something that can be kept forever. It doesn’t have to be expensive or grand but something like this heart bracelet could be kept and worn to commemorate the baby’s birth.
What to buy for a new mum - something to keep
Whatever you decide to give her, your friendship and companionship will be key.  Many new mothers feel incredibly isolated, especially after the initial couple of weeks when the whole world wants to come and see the new baby then all of a sudden their lives move on and the visits happen less and less. And for now, congratulations to you, on becoming a new fairy godmother!
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